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  • Posted by David Cook on 5th September 2023 at 1:56 pm

    Hospital to home services are an ongoing requirement across all parts of Wales there are variable levels of service which is largely driven by the local and regional arrangements. This document offers much key learning and case studies on this subject.

    We recently held a workshop on the subject of ‘hospital to home’, looking at this topic and main points from the workshops were:

    · Outcomes for services users vary across Wales depending on the services available in different areas.

    · Services providing support are mostly undervalued and underfunded for the contribution they make to nationally agreed frameworks e.g. Discharge to Recover and Assess model of care.

    · Participants were in agreement that there is a need to obtain a national understanding of what hospital to home support is provided by the third sector across Wales.

    · There was an appetite for continuing a conversation to progress some possible actions identified during the exercise.

    We agreed the following actions need to be taken forward.

    · Mapping exercise – to understand third sector services across Wales.

    · Develop consistent messaging – about cost pressures and that investment should not always be for innovation, existing services proven to deliver should also draw investment.

    · Developing principles or standards of support – making sure this complements and encourages variety based on local needs and not aiming to create same service everywhere.

    Interested in joining the conversation? Please leave your thoughts below!

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