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    Closing down your European funded project

       This module aims to provide you with the information you need to successfully closedown your ESIF project, in line with the requirements set out…
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    Introduction to Voluntary Sector legal structures and charitable status

    This course has been created to provide an introduction to voluntary sector legal structures and charitable status. It will be useful if:

    • You want to increase your understanding of different kinds of voluntary organisations
    • You are interested in setting up an organisation and need to decide which is most suitable
    • You wish to understand the difference between unincorporated and incorporated organisations
    • You are interested in setting up a charity or changing the legal structure of your organisation
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    Setting up a financial system

    This module aims to provide participants with an overview of how to set up financial systems and controls within the third sector. This course explains…
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    Safer Recruitment

    This course aims to give an introduction to safer recruitment that will increase participants’ understanding of how to recruit safely and meet their responsibilities as…
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    The Role of the Safeguarding Officer

    This course aims to give a briefing to safeguarding officers (safeguarding leads or trustees, champions, designated person etc.) or those people appointing or managing safeguarding…
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    Introduction to Safeguarding in the Voluntary Sector (Wales)

    This course aims to provide an introduction to safeguarding that will increase participants’ knowledge and understanding of their safeguarding responsibilities and where to find further…
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    Safeguarding Responsibilities for Trustees – An Introduction

    To provide an introduction to the role of trustees in safeguarding and the responsibilities placed upon them by various regulators and legislation. Please login.
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    Financial Guidance and Oversight for Trustees

    Overview To introduce trustees to their role and responsibilities in carrying out the financial governance of a charity. Please login.